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Finding Commercial Lockout Services Queens, NY Have you ever been locked out of your home, car or office? If the answer is yes, then you probably know that being locked out can be an extremely unpleasant experience. And if the answer is no, then ask anyone to describe their experience of being locked out, and they are likely to reveal how infuriating it was. So, how do you make sure that you don’t go through this exasperating experience? It’s straightforward, hire professional locksmith services to let you back in.

Unfortunately, the locksmith industry is crowded, and it can be challenging to find a reputable locksmith in Queens, NY. Moreover, there have been several reports of locksmith scams. Unprofessional companies often add extra charges, provide poor customer services, poor quality work and sometimes even ask for five times more than the quoted price. Here are tips for hiring a reputable and conscientious locksmith company Queens, NY for your commercial lockout needs.


Experience is a significant factor when hiring a locksmith to deal with commercial lockout issues. While locksmiths deal with locks, safes, and keys, they also deal with high-tech commercial digital access systems and alarms. When looking for a locksmith, make sure that you know how long the business has been operational. It is imperative that you hire a company who has experience with dealing with your particular type of locks and system. Without experience, they would lack the technical know-how of dealing with different locks and security systems.

The Team

Who will you be working with? When hiring locksmiths to help with your commercial lockout problem, get to know the team? Are the technicians of the locksmith company trained? Are they cautious, motivated and professional? It is recommended that you choose a company whose team you like. You don’t want to work with people who are rude and unprofessional. Moreover, a scrupulous team will not only deliver exceptional work, but they will also be fun to be around and provide you with peace of mind.

Licensed & insured

Commercial lockouts suck! But don’t rush and hire a company that is not licensed and insured. People seldom recognize the importance of these two factors and end up regretting. A licensed company is usually recognized by the state to perform their field of work. A license is an indication that the company has the right team, equipment and qualifications required to deliver locksmith services in the state. The city of New York requires all locksmiths to be licensed.

An insured locksmith company, on the other hand, means that you are protected in case there is an accident or damage to the property. Commercial property can be expensive, so make sure that you are protected. Hire a company that has liability insurance which means the company is liable for any damage done to your property when they are working or if they do a poor job.

Emergency Services

Can you imagine being locked in your office on Friday when everybody else has left the building? If that happened, then you would be stuck in your office over the weekend until Monday. To avoid such a scenario, it would be wise to hire a locksmith company that offers emergency services. But how much are they charging for emergencies? Do they overcharge when asked to work at night? You’ll want to go with a locksmith who offers around the clock services for an affordable rate. 24/7 locksmith services can get you out of a commercial lockout jam.


It makes sense to hire a local locksmith instead of an out-of-town locksmith. For instance, if your office is in Queens, NY, then you’d want a locksmith near you. A local locksmith will not charge extra fees and will also be readily available to deal with emergencies. Moreover, local locksmith service providers are familiar with New York building codes and will, therefore, avoid any irregularities.

Looking for a locksmith to help you with commercial lockout problems? Then consider Lock N Key Safe Inc locksmith services in NY. Make use of their trained, experienced and professional team to take care of your commercial lockout conundrum. Lock N Key Safe Inc is a licensed and insured locksmith company for all your emergency lock needs. Feel free to reach out at (718) 568-0249.

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Commercial Lockout


Commercial Lockout


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